Bumps and lumps

Pregnancy was hard for me I did NOT enjoy it like everyone says you do… that is really disappointing as I always dreamed of having the most amazing pregnancy with the most perfect bump and loving every second but it really wasn’t for me which is a shame. I didn’t have a bad pregnancy most people would say it was a “walk in the park” compared to some people’s, apart from the constant heart burn 24 hours a day that felt like my insides were on fire constantly and having to sleep basically sat up because it felt like my rib was cracked. But people have worse so I am very grateful for my pregnancy experience. All that matters is that you are healthy and the baby is healthy nothing more. Even tho you can’t stop thinking about them extra pounds your putting on and are going to be so hard to loose also let’s not mention the dreaded stretch marks! I went so long without any at all then right at the last minuet I got loads at the bottom of my belly, I used all the creams you can think of sometimes more than 3 times a day and from the day I found out I was pregnant because I was so worried about them. Now I have been left with stretch marks I love every bit of them and what they mean to me also my scar that helped bring my beautiful baby into the world.

Everyone said to me “you will miss it when your not pregnant, you will miss your bump” but I don’t miss it at all I couldn’t wait to take them big knickers off and sports bras and get back to myself again well me but a better version of me which was a mama!

After the 9 months of having a baby bump you instantly feel better all the pains and aches just disappear.. apart from my new pains I had which was from my c section, but no more pain in my rib no more heart burn. You cry out to feel yourself again and to wear the clothes you use to wear and to get rid of that lose skin. But after a while you finally get back to that pre baby body just not quite the same.. I am a stone heavier than I use to be but I don’t feel the worst I feel like I should stop being so hard on myself and realise I carried a baby for 9 months and this is my new “mum bod” I still feel like I want to loose more weight but for now I’m happy. You have so much pressure from seeing celebrities get back into shape straight after having a baby so why can they do it and you can’t? I think sometimes you just have to stop comparing yourself and be happy with who you are and how your body has changed to grow a little human half of you and half of the person you love. And that’s amazing.

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