Super hero

People have babies everyday people have twins, people have toddlers and babies, teenagers and babies, people are single and have to be basically a superhero! Being a first time mum and working with children For years I thought “iv got this” but my it’s hard! But amazing, the first couple of weeks are hard I appreciate every single mama or single dadas out there … because without my amazing family and boyfriend I would have been stuck.

No one really tells you the truth they tell you all the amazing stories and show you the beautiful and unbelievably cute pictures of their babies all smiling and happy (which I am guilty of) all my friends which are mummy’s didn’t even think to get me prepared for what was going to happen which was a world wind … your whole life changes.. no more nipping the the shops, nipping out the car, having a bath, using the toilet, drinking a hot drink again without it being a military operation, it definitely changed for the better and after a couple of weeks you sit and think what did I even do before? And you wouldn’t change it for the world.

10 weeks in and it’s not as hard as it was, now I have a little routine and I know and understand my baby more it’s so much easier but the first couple of weeks are ride or die. And people do this every day? More than once.. I think it’s because after them hard weeks you just forget more and more and start to become and blossom into the best Mama or dada you can be.

What is sleep? It’s weird how before having a baby having 12 hours sleep was just the norm (weekends) after nights out with your friends sleeping all day! Having lazy sundays sleeping all Sunday and still being tired on a Monday morning for work. Once having a baby your body changes into some sort of super human I worried about the sleep the most but It’s so strange how your body just does it. That’s all’s I can say on the sleep matter your body just does it and it’s so amazing how you can just carry on with things I wouldn’t have even dreamt of doing before becoming a mamma.

My baby is now 10 weeks old so he only wakes once in the night which is so good because when I was breast feeding it was every couple of hours! Arthur has his little routine and if he’s not in his cot for 9 he cries, which is all’s iv ever wanted my baby into a good routine he has a bath, chill time then a bottle and straight into his cot.

Having no sleep makes you do the strangest of things but it’s ok to be walking around the supermarket with your top on the wrong way round with one eye open in the first couple of weeks or even years! The time I realised I needed to go home and go to sleep is when I was shopping and I just walked out the shop with a pillow under my arm! I carried on walking and didn’t realise then I was like what? Why have I got this under my arm, I haven’t even paid for it… I had to do the walk of shame back into the shop and say “I’m so sorry but iv just robbed this” and handed it to the women, luckily she understood I was sleep deprived and had what they call “baby brain”.

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