The best dada

{social media post 1}

Could not have done any of this without you, you have been amazing the whole 9 months, and even better now your an amazing daddy too! It’s not easy having a c section,breast feeding and still being in hospital but you have been so good with everything and Not left our side everyday. Me and Arthur Tommy love you. ❤️💙👶🏼

I take my hat off to anyone that does this whole experience on their own without my boyfriend I could not have done any of this! He is the best daddy to Arthur ever, growing up I didn’t have much of a role model as my dad wasn’t around much, he use to come and see us on and off but it wasn’t a consistent relationship which really affects you as a young child. My dad passed away when I was only 16 and even though I had an on and off relationship with my dad it still affected me a lot I was so upset my dad would never see my children, he would never see me get married and I would never see him grow old, he missed so many important things in my life and it took a while to realise that he had gone and will never see me do these things and all I can do make him proud while he’s looking down on me and I know he will be so proud of Arthur.

My mum brought me and my sister up all on her own which I admire her for she went through some hard times bringing me and my sister up but she always did what was best for us and made sure we had everything we needed. My mum has been my rock while iv become a mummy myself she’s been the most amazing grandma to Arthur.

Knowing all this and not growing up with much of a dad made me want to make sure the person I have a baby with is going to be everything I never had and I just knew when I met josh that we would have children and he would be the best dad in the world and he was… he’s even more than I ever thought anyone could ever be. As soon as Arthur was born josh turned into this over protected dad he worried about every little thing at first he couldn’t even sleep while Arthur was, he isn’t that bad anymore now he has got use to being a dad but he’s still protective which is good because it shows he cares. Josh works long hours 12 hour shifts most days and gets in late but that doesn’t stop him helping me as much as he can, he will feed the baby in the night when he can he will take the baby and let me sleep on his days off, he makes sure things are done like sterilising the bottles before he goes to work so when I wake up I can spend time with Arthur instead of running around cleaning. Its just the little things like that that make you appreciate someone, I know all these things are things everyone has to do but with josh working such long shifts I don’t know how he manages it with no sleep and working so much he’s just does it and doesn’t say anything about it.

The way he looks at Arthur is the best he looks at him like he has never loved anything as much in his life he is his whole world. Since having Arthur josh had grown up so much (as they say men never grow up) but he has really changed and become a man. Josh also didn’t have a dad growing up as well so I think that when he found out I was pregnant he always knew he was going to be everything his dad wasn’t. He really is the best dad.

{social media post 2 by josh}

The most amazing thing that will ever happen in my life! My girlfriend Danielle has done so good I’m so grateful and proud of her for the past 9 months and this week! 2 weeks late, inductions, 17 hours of labour and a C section later Our Beautiful Son Arthur Tommy was born. Thankyou everyone for your kind and thoughtful messages to us both, were trying our best to reply and show we’re grateful but just everything seems to be nonstop. Danielle is so exhausted from everything but doing so well, she just needs rest❤️ Breaks my heart leaving them both in the hospital but I know there both taken care of. Thankyou everyone I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot from him were obsessed😂😍❤️


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