What to do with a 10 week old baby?

I’ve worked in childcare for many years now so I know a lot about children’s development and the different stages they should be at, so no surprise when I had my own baby I couldn’t wait to do all the the different activities to help his development. I want to try so many things, I have tried some things up to now such as swimming to help his physical development, sensory classes, baby boogie but there are so many more I would love to try such as baby massage which really helps the baby to relax. For now I think the classes I have chosen for Arthurs age are just perfect and I wouldn’t want to do to much as he may get tired and not gain anything from them.

My little water baby:

Arthur has always liked having baths his first bath he loved I was expecting a big cry as we put him in but he was so content and happy! From then I knew he was going to love the water.

I took him swimming for the first time the other week and he loved it! Soon as we got in the water his face changed and he started smiling and kicking his legs, I was so overwhelmed with seeing how he just kicked his legs and arms straight away and wanted to go off and swim! It was really emotional which I never thought it would be. It sounds silly saying that but my little 10 week old baby was growing up way to fast.

I took Arthur swimming with his daddy and we took it in turns to hold him around the pool, it was such an amazing experience just the little things in life bring so much happiness now being a mum. I am definitely going to make it a regular thing going swimming and soon look into getting him into little swimming lessons, or classes, Arthur is growing up so fast and seeing him kicking his little legs made me realise this… my beautiful little water baby.

Sensory classes:

Sensory classes are brilliant for babies and also children with sensory processing needs, Arthur is able to look at all the different lights and all the different colours around him. Sensory classes also really help to chill Arthur out as he is a very wriggly baby and loves to be moving and kicking his legs a lot he loves to be very active and he will get really excited at times, he loves a lot of stimulation and attention so when he’s not getting it he can get restless. Sensory classes are a good way to keep him stimulated.

Arthur first class I went to was when he was 6 weeks old and I just couldn’t wait to get him into classes so as soon as I felt better from my c section I took him to his first class “boogie babies” I think I got abit to excited about all the baby classes and didn’t realise he was only still really young, Arthur didn’t like his first class that much he cried and I rocked him to sleep during the session, the children were a lot older than him and seemed to get a lot more out of the session than Arthur did. I realised that he was abit to young for some of the classes and I would wait a couple more weeks to take him again.

This is when I tried baby sensory which I know he loves as I have a light up globe that shines multicoloured lights all over his bedroom walls, he will lie and watch them for ages and it really relaxes him before bed.

Arthur enjoyed his first sensory class which he was 10 week old when he went, it really chilled him out and he was looking at all the lights a lot more and seemed more interested than he did in his first class.


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