The word sleep

So the past couple of weeks have been hard ones for me iv felt so drained and tired. Arthur has been on lactose free milk since I stoped breast feeding as normal milk wasn’t agreeing with him and he had really bad colic, once I changed him to lactose free milk (as advised by the […]

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Arthurs weaning journey.

I was suppose to write this post ages ago but I have been so busy with moving out and just life so I haven’t had the time to so here goes I am going to write from the start of his journey to now.. I started Arthur’s weaning journey a couple a weeks ago now […]

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Loosing that dreaded mum tum

I’ve mentioned before in another blog about my baby weight and putting more on after having my baby. I have put on 2 stone and I’m at the point were I want to start to become healthy again and loose that extra weight that I am carrying around. Just to feel more confident again and […]

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Back to work

This post is one iv been thinking about for a while it’s been playing on my mind but iv not wanted to write it as it will feel real that In 3 MONTHS I will be going back to WORK! Right ok iv said it now I feel better.. or do I? I have so […]

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The “baby bubble”

Having a baby is the best thing that’s ever happened in my life and your just stuck in this “baby bubble” it’s like the whole world could be falling down behind you and your just in a dream and so in love with your baby nothing can bring you down. Iv never felt this before […]

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Dealing with anxiety

Before being pregnant I didn’t really have much to worry about only the stupid things that didn’t really mean anything. Iv never really been an anxious person before, time to time I’d feel anxious about things but nothing that was too big. When I found out I was pregnant it came with so much anxiety […]

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The dreaded baby weight

This blog is abit more personal to me as I have always had an issue with “feeling fat” and thinking im bigger than I am, growing up I always had low confidence when it came to my weight I was always the chubby child and next to my friends I always felt fat. Looking back […]

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My baby is 4 months old!

So I haven’t really blogged in a long time but I have honestly just been enjoying it all before it’s to late, and now look my baby is 4 months old. I can’t believe it, its such a happy and emotional feeling watching you little baby grow older everyday, I can’t actually believe how fast […]

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