The most amazing and most traumatic day of my life.

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” So after being induced for 2 days and in labour for 17 hours then having to have a emergency c section we now have a beautiful baby boy Arthur Tommy Powell, worth every minute of pain I can’t believe we made something this beautiful. Weighing 8lb 9oz born on the 30th Jan at 4:26pm. We are so in love with him! Baby spam starts here. “

1 hour into motherhood and I had already shit the bed next to my mother in law. This is when I knew my whole life had changed within such a short time, every bit of dignity I had left had gone. But who cares about that? I had the most beautiful baby boy who was healthy! That is all that matters in this whole experience, I am going to share the beautiful times of being a first time mamma to the most stressful times that people don’t really tell you about. I’m going to be as honest as I can…

As I am writing this my baby is now 10 weeks old and this is the only time Iv had to think about having some “me time” and what better way than share my experiences with all you lovely mammas or daddas out there.

The dreaded due date was here I did everything I could that day to try and “move” this process along, bouncing on my ball, walking, drinking pineapple juice you name it I tried it. 2 weeks later I was being induced … my worst nightmare as iv heard stories about being induced. After 1 night in the hospital waiting to get contractions which I never thought I would say! I went down to the labour room the day after to get my waters broke which was another nightmare I didn’t want to happen… I dreamed of that all natural water birth which obviously was too good to be true, this was me I’m not that lucky.

After sucking on gas and air just to have my waters broke I realised what was going to happen! No one really tells you about your waters breaking the gushing water coming out of me all over my “new slippers” at that time that’s all’s I could think about. I don’t really know where all that water came from it didn’t stop for 17 hours I thought you had a little bit then that was it, not me. When I went into the labour room I was 2 cm, I went through labour with just gas and air for 4 hours and at that point I was being sick into a bowl the pain was so bad I had only gone to 3 cm!!! 3 cm!!! My plan was I didn’t want an epidural but by that point I would have accepted any pain relief they gave me. 17 hours after having an epidural I was shivering with a high temperature and suspected sepsis and the baby’s heart rate was going up and down this was when they told me I had to have a c section another nightmare had come true.

All was going well the baby came out crying and I was filled with love as soon as I heard that cry tears coming down my face my life was complete within a couple of seconds. After having a shot of pain relief injected into me soon after Arthur was born I felt my blood boil through my whole body and rushing up and down I started being sick while I was lied down as they was stitching me back together. The next thing I remember is being lied there out of this world with an oxygen mask over my face thinking were is my baby? Is he okay? I couldn’t move, breathe or say anything ..

half an hour later Arthur was put straight on me in Recovey latched straight away and fed for half an hour. This was wonderful and worth every minuet of pain my beautiful healthy boy. Arthur tommy.

This is were the fun starts ….