The best dada

{social media post 1} Could not have done any of this without you, you have been amazing the whole 9 months, and even better now your an amazing daddy too! It’s not easy having a c section,breast feeding and still being in hospital but you have been so good with everything and Not left our […]

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Super hero

People have babies everyday people have twins, people have toddlers and babies, teenagers and babies, people are single and have to be basically a superhero! Being a first time mum and working with children For years I thought “iv got this” but my it’s hard! But amazing, the first couple of weeks are hard I […]

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Bumps and lumps

Pregnancy was hard for me I did NOT enjoy it like everyone says you do… that is really disappointing as I always dreamed of having the most amazing pregnancy with the most perfect bump and loving every second but it really wasn’t for me which is a shame. I didn’t have a bad pregnancy most […]

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